Sloan-Swartz Centers for Theoretical Neurobiology Annual Meeting 2009
Center for Brain Science
Harvard University Cambridge
Northwest Building
52 Oxford St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
July 25-28, 2009
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Please see the Meeting Abstract Booklet for the poster abstracts. Posters are listed in the same order as in the Meeting Abstract Booklet.
31. "Nonlinear dendritic interactions induce propagation of synchrony in complex neural networks"
  Raoul Memmesheimer (Harvard University)
32. "Modeling the interaction of biological elements involved in Hebbian and homeostatic plasticity"
  Taro Toyoizumi and Kenneth Miller (Columbia University)
33. "Near zero noise correlations and active sampling underlie fast population codes in olfactory cortex"
  Keiji Miura (Harvard University)
34. "Network dynamics for motor control: creating distributed > representations of time"
  Eran Mukamel (Harvard University)
35. "Dendritic cable properties determine rapid signaling in fast-spiking GABAergic interneurons"
  Anja Noerenberg
  (Physiological Institute I & Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Freiburg, Germany)
36. "Structural plasticity and pathway formation in cortical networks"
  Samora Okujeni (University of Freiburg, BCCN)
37. "The role the retina plays in shaping predictive information in ganglion cell populations: correlations, synergy and optimization"
  Stephanie E. Palmer (Princeton University)
38. "A Bayesian Method to predict the optimal diffusion coefficient in random fixational eye movements"
  David Pfau (Columbia University)
39. "Periodicity in the V1 extra-classical receptive field"
  Daniel B. Rubin, Jun Zhao, and Kenneth D. Miller
  (Columbia University)
  • Presentation: Poster39-Sloan-Swartz-Annual-2009.pdf
40. "Modeling Firing Rate Dynamics"
  Evan Schaffer (Columbia University)
  • Presentation: Poster40-Sloan-Swartz-Annual-2009.pdf
41. "Trial-to-trial variability of phase precession in the hippocampus"
  Robert Schmidt (BCCN Berlin)
42. "A Model for Retinal Pattern Adaptation"
  Rebecca Shafee (I)
  Markus Meister (I, II)
  (I. Center for Brain Science, Harvard University)
  (II. Department of MCB, Harvard University)
43. "Hydrodynamic Objects: Localization, Feature Extraction, and Recognition"
  Andreas B. Sichert (BCCN Munich – TU München)
  • Presentation: Poster43-Sloan-Swartz-Annual-2009.pdf
44. "Encoding fine spatial detail with irregular receptive fields"
  Frederick Soo (Princeton University)
45. "On synaptic weight distributions in spike timing-dependent plasticity"
  M. Tierz (Brandeis University)
46. "Working Memory-Based Reward Prediction Errors in Human Ventral Striatum"
  Michael Todd (Princeton University)
47. "Modeling the interaction of biological elements involved in Hebbian and homeostatic plasticity"
  Taro Toyoizumi and Kenneth Miller (Columbia University)
48. "Mechanism of gait adaptation in C. elegans"
  Quan Wen (Harvard University)
49. "Slowness in Hierarchical Networks for Visual Processing"
  Niko Wilbert (BCCN Berlin)
  • Presentation: Poster49-Sloan-Swartz-Annual-2009.pdf
50. "Spatial Spread of the Local Field Potential and its Laminar Variation in Visual Cortex"
  Dajun Xing (New York University)
  • Presentation: Poster50-Sloan-Swartz-Annual-2009.pdf
51. "Dscam diversity and neuronal self-recognition"
  Qing Yuan (Columbia University)
52. "OFF direction-selective cells in the mouse retina"
  Yifeng Zhang, In-Jung Kim, Joshua Sanes, and Markus Meister
  (Harvard University)
53. "Conditions on connectivity to achieve surround suppression in primary visual cortex"
  Jun Zhao, Daniel B. Rubin and Kenneth. D. Miller
  (Columbia University)
54. "Chaos and Lyapunov spectra of Integrate- and fire neuronal networks"
  Douglas Zhou (New York University)
55. "Grouping variables in an underdetermined system for invariant object recognition"
  Junmei Zhu (Bernstein Focus Frankfurt)
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