Sloan-Swartz Centers for Theoretical Neurobiology

Annual Summer Meeting 2005

California Institute of Technology, July 23-26, 2005


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24 July, Sunday        

8:15 AM  Breakfast


9:00 AM Wendy Suzuki (NYU)

Associative Learning and Medial Temporal Lobe   

9:55 AM Philip Low (Salk)

A New Way To Look At Sleep


10:25 AM Break


10:50 AM Robert Shapley (NYU)

A model of the V1 network, and cortical oscillations

11:20 AM David Cai (NYU)

On the spatiotemporal dynamics of primary visual cortex


11:50 AM Tatyana Sharpee (UCSF)

Adaptive decorrelation in the primary visual cortex

12:20 PM Lunch


2:00 PM 0:30 Scott Makeig (UCSD)

Macroscopic brain dynamics supporting human cognition 


2:30 PM Glenn Turner (Caltech)

Sparse Olfactory Representations in the Drosophila Mushroom Body

 3:00 PM Naoshige Uchida (CSHL)

Information processing in an olfactory decision task


3:30 PM Break


3:55 PM Karli Watson (Caltech)

The Von Economo Cells: Anatomy of a neuron unique to great apes and humans

4:25 PM Alexander Kraskov (Caltech)  

Selectivity of LFPs in human MTL


4:55 PM Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (University of Leicester, UK)

Encoding and decoding of visual inputs by single cells in the human temporal lobe

6:30 PM Dinner, Avery House



25 July, Monday        


9:00 AM Alumit Ishai (ETH, Switzerland)

Category Learning is Modulated by Visual Similarity

9:55 AM Xin Huang (Salk)

Adaptive Surround Modulation in Cortical Area MT


10:25 AM Break


10:50 AM Steve Lisberger (UCSF)

The Origins of Motor Noise

 11:20 AM Bart Krekelberg (Salk)

Contrast and the Neural Code for Speed in Macaque MT


11:50 AM Nava Rubin (NYU)

The neural basis of perceptual bi-stability: behavior, fMRI and modeling results


12:20 PM   Lunch; "Directors Meeting"  


2:00 PM Shihab Shamma (University of Maryland)


2:55 PM 0:30 Brian Wright (UCSF)

Information Processing and Encoding in a Sensorimotor Area of Songbirds


3:25 PM Break


3:50 PM Christian Machens (CSHL)

Short-term memory and decision making with continuous attractor networks


4:20 PM Marina Brozovic (Caltech)

The Role of Recurrent Connections in the Processing of Reach Movements in the Parietal Cortex


4:50 PM Paul Miller (Brandeis)

Sequential Discrimination by Integral Feedback Control

5:10 PM Break   


5:35 PM Quan Wen (CSHL)

Axon and Dendrite Morphology: A cost-benefit analysis

6:05 PM Adam L Taylor (Brandeis)

Visualizing an eight-dimensional conductance space

6:25 PM Ken Sugino (Brandeis)

Molecular taxonomy of mouse forebrain neurons


7:00 PM Banquet, The Athenaeum



26 July, Tuesday        


9:00 AM Tomaso Poggio (MIT)

A theory of object recognition: computations and circuits in the feed-forward path of the ventral stream in visual cortex

9:55 AM Michael Eisele (Columbia)

Several strategies for simple cells to learn orientation and direction selectivity


10:25 AM Break


10:50 AM Ken Miller (Columbia)

A model of visual and attentional activation in area LIP


11:20 AM Alex Koulakov (CSHL)

Hysteretic models for neural integrators

11:50 AM Tim Vogels (Columbia)

Signal Propagation in Large Networks of Integrate and Fire Neurons

12:20 PM Lunch  


2:00 PM Terry Sejnowski (Salk)

Ectopic Release at a Neuronal Synapse

2:30 PM Kanaka Rajan (Columbia)

A Recurrent Model for Generating Complex Motor Trajectories


3:00 PM Sen Cheng (UCSF)

Dynamics of sensorimotor adaptation  


3:30 PM Break


3:55 PM Jozsef Fiser (Brandeis)

The development of visual cortical activity in normal and lid sutured ferrets

4:25 PM Xiao-Jing Wang (Brandeis)

An integrated microcircuit model of working memory and decision making

4:55 PM Idan Segev (Hebrew University, Israel)

The ambitious Blue-Brain project: What can we learn from it?   

 6:30 PM Dinner, Avery House



Meeting concludes





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