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Papers and research supported in part or in whole by The Swartz Foundation

View ORCID ProfileJia Feng, Wen-Hsin Hsu, Denis Patterson, Ching-San Tseng, Hsiang-Wei Hsing, Zi-Hui Zhuang, Yi-Ting Huang, Andrea Faedo, John L. Rubenstein, Jonathan Touboul and View Shen-Ju Chou.
COUP-TFI specifies the medial entorhinal cortex identity and induces differential cell adhesion to determine the integrity of its boundary with neocortex, Science Advances 02 Jul 2021, Vol. 7, no. 27

Chen, Bolun and Miller, Paul.
Attractors in networks of bistable neuronal units with depressing synapses, Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience. (2020) 10: 15. PMID 32915327 DOI: 10.1186/S13408-020-00093-W

Alonso, Leandro M., and Eve Marder.
Temperature compensation in a small rhythmic circuit” Elife, 2020 Jun 2

Alonso, Leandro M., and Eve Marder.
Visualization of currents in neural models with similar behavior and different conductance densities. eLife 8 (2019): e42722.

Alonso, Leandro M., and Marcelo O. Magnasco.
Complex spatiotemporal behavior and coherent excitations in critically-coupled chains of neural circuits. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 28, no. 9 (2018): 093102.

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