The Stony Brook Mind/Brain Lecture Series

In our approach to supporting brain research, the Swartz Foundation operates from the philosophical and scientific perspective that properties of the mind, from sensory perception to learning to thinking to consciousness, are a direct product of the intrinsic physical properties of the brain. The mind is the brain at work.

Results from brain research are converging to show that much of what the brain does can be understood computationally. Understanding the relation between neural computation and mental function is now the work at hand. We believe that this goal is achievable. Getting there will require the collaboration of investigators from many disciplines, and perhaps it will require principles and technology not yet conceived.

Understanding the mind/brain relationship is an Everest of science, as well as one of the enduring conundrums of philosophy. This lecture series is presented by the Swartz Foundation and the State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook to acquaint the University community and the public with current research and thought on this topic.

20th Annual Stony Brook Mind/Brain Lecture - April 4, 2016
Featuring Alan Alda, Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel and renowned mathematician Jim Simons

Previous Lectures:

William Bialek, PhD, Princeton University

William Newsome, PhD, Stanford Univ. School of Medicine

Michael Wigler, PhD, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

John Donoghue, PhD, MS, Brown University

Allison J. Doupe, MD, PhD, University of California, San Francisco

Nicholas D. Schiff, MD, Weill-Cornell Medical Center

Larry F. Abbott, PhD, Columbia University

Patricia Churchland, Chair of Philosophy, UCSD

Michael N. Shadlen, MD, PhD

2006 - 10th Anniversary Lecture:
Helen Fisher, PhD

Daniel Wolpert, PhD
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Charles F. Stevens, PhD
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Joseph E. LeDoux, PhD
Professor of Neural Science and Psychology and Director, Center for the Neuroscience of Fear and Anxiety
New York University
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Vilanyur Ramachandran MD, PhD
Professor of Neuroscience
University of California at San Diego

Michael Merzenich PhD
Professor of Neuroscience
University of California at San Francisco

Paul Churchland PhD
Professor of Philosophy
University of California at San Diego

Michael Gazzaniga PhD
Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
Dartmouth College

Terence Sejnowski MD, PhD
Professor of Computational Biology
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Antonio Damasio MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology
University of Iowa

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