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Leading Neuroscience Researchers Attend Swartz Foundation Workshop

Scientists to Discuss Nonconscious Processing and its Relationship to Human Consciousness at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

OLD FIELD, NY, April 9, 2007 -- The Swartz Foundation, a leading private research foundation supporting the study of theoretical and computational neuroscience, today convened its 2007 Banbury Workshop, “New Frontiers In Studies Of Nonconscious Processing,” to be held through April 11 at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, NY. Professor Tim Wilson, University of Virginia, and Professor Ap Dijksterhuis, University of Amsterdam, organized the workshop.

Jerry Swartz, Founder and Chairman of the Swartz Foundation, said “There has recently been a strong research focus on unconscious thought. It has long been understood that somewhere below our immediate level of consciousness there is a layer of non-conscious mental activity that supports the conscious and maintains on-going inner mentation. We look forward to hearing about the exciting new theoretical research and experimental studies on nonconscious processing from the workshop participants.”

“At this conference,” wrote Tim Wilson, “we will bring together senior research scientists from neurobiological, cognitive and behavioral disciplines who are interested in nonconscious processing and its relationship to human consciousness.” Attendees from around the world include social psychologists, cognitive psychologists, computational neuroscientists, neural physiologists, philosophers and theoreticians.

In sponsoring this workshop, and supporting research at the Swartz centers for computational neuroscience, the Foundation hopes to spark collaboration in the neuroscience community. The Foundation has sponsored Banbury Center Workshops at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory since 1998. Previous topics have ranged from “Communication in Brain Systems,” and “Neurobiology of Decision-Making,” to “Can a Machine Be Conscious?” For a history of the workshops, visit this web page:

The Swartz Foundation was established by Jerry Swartz in 1994 to explore the application of mathematical physics, computer science, systems analysis and behavioral psychology to theoretical neurobiology, as a path to better understand the brain/mind relationship.

The Foundation supports post-doc research in theoretical neuroscience at 10 universities and scientific institutions, through centers at Princeton University (established in 2007), Yale University (2007), Columbia University (2005), Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (2004), and UC San Diego (2002), and in partnership with the Sloan Foundation at their original five Centers for Theoretical Neurobiology (1994) at Salk Institute, Cal Tech, UC San Francisco, NYU/Courant and Brandeis University. The Swartz Foundation also sponsors conferences, workshops, seminars, and public lectures in brain science.

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